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Studio Policies

Do you take appointments or walk ins?


We offer services by both appointment and walk in. Appointments take priority, so if you are looking to avoid a wait we suggest booking an appointment online here. We stop accepting walk-ins 30-60 minutes before close based on client volume. 


If you are looking to re-pierce any piercing that we preformed for you previously, we ask that you contact us in advance to set up a consultation and appointment. 


If you are looking to re-use jewelry for any new piercing, you must contact us in advance to discuss our studio policies about reprocessing jewelry.


Additionally, the following services are by appointment only. 


-Paired nostrils (one on each side)

-Paired Lip (one on each side)



What happens if I "No-Call/No-Show" for my appointment?

We take a card on file to schedule any appointments. If you "No-Call/No-Show your appointment you will be charged a Fee equal to the cost of the service scheduled


What documentation is needed to be pierced?


If you are over 18 you MUST provide one of the following to meet state, county, and insurance company requirements for our paperwork.


1.  Current and Valid State ID

2.  Current and Valid State Drivers License

3.  Current and Valid Passport or ID Card

4.  Current/Most Recent School ID w/ Valid Birth Certificate 


What Documentation is needed for MINORS to be pierced?


If you are under 18, you MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

You MUST provide a Valid Birth Certificate in addition to the ID's listed below.

The minor AND the parent or legal guardian MUST provide one of the following to meet State, County, and Insurance Company requirements for our paperwork.


1.  Current and Valid State ID

2.  Current and Valid State Driver's License

3.  Current and Valid Passport or Passport ID Card

4.  Current/Most Recent School ID


In our studio, you MUST be at least 14 years old to get pierced. We do NOT offer all piercings to Minors.

Except for earlobes, we do NOT offer multiple piercings in the same session to minors.


The following is a list of services available for Minors:

14-15 : Earlobes, Helix, Nostril

16-17 : Conch, Earlobes, Eyebrow, Forward Helix, Helix, Lip, Rook, Tragus


Do you offer private piercing appointments?


We are now offering the option to book out our studio for an exclusive and private piercing session or piercing related event. Whether you need a discrete experience, or simply want to have a special day, we are here to accommodate!

Perfect for :

Specialty Clients that need a private appointment
Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Fraternity/Sorority Events

Birthday Celebrations

and so much more!!!

What you get from us :

We will close our studio just for you or your group to make it a more personalized and private environment. You can bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages to make the occasion as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible.

We will thoroughly discuss your various tastes in regards to colors, fashions, and accessory styles to create a unique and curated piercing.

You can play your own music and have as many people join you as you like to share in the experience.


Rates for a private session start at $100/hour.

Piercing services and jewelry are not included.

Please contact us directly for more details and availability.

Do you Speak Spanish? Habla Español? 

Todos los dias hay una persona bilingue de 12pm-4pm, excepto Miercoloes y Jueves.


Piercing Services

How much are your Piercings?

All of our Piercing Services Fees are $50 for a single Piercing*.

*The Piercing Service Fee is $65 for Industrials and $75 for Genitals.

If you are getting more than one Piercing in a session, there is a discount of $5 off each service. The cost of the jewelry for each piercing is additional.

How many Piercings can I get at a time?

Since we don't want to spread your body too thin in regards to proper healing, we will only do up to 3 Piercings in a session. For ear cartilage piercings, we will only pierce one ear at a time so that side-sleeping can still be accommodated during healing. Some piercings are not offered in a multi-service setting depending on their healing process.

Additionally, we may decline to offer new piercings if any existing piercings are only partially-healed and/or we will NOT offer new piercings if any existing piercings are visibly neglected and/or irritated.

What Jewelry do you use?

Our staff are proud members of the Association of Professional Piercers, who help set health and safety standards for body piercings world wide. We use only brands that meet or exceed minimum standards set forth by the APP.
We have a rotating selection of implant grade titanium with Swarovski gemstones, and solid gold with Genuine gemstones from top brands like Body Vision Los Angeles


Can I bring my own Jewelry to be Pierced with?


For your safety, we only work with jewelry from verified companies that we know is designed for body piercing, safe to be sterilized, and safe for you. Jewelry must meet APP standards. If you have jewelry you have purchased from us or another reputable studio, you can bring it in for us to use. If we can not verify the jewelry is safe, we will be unable to install it for you. 


If you are wanting to be pierced with your own jewelry you will need to schedule an appointment for that service, and drop the jewelry off 24 hours in advance for decontamination and processing.

There is a $10-$15 service fee for decontamination and processing. 


Will you put my Jewelry in for me?


We are happy to install jewelry for you! Please note that if you are bringing in your own pieces we need to decontaminate and clean them before we can install them, and this is usually a 30 minute process. Please come prepared to wait.

There is a $10-$15 service fee for decontamination and processing. 


How do I take care of my Piercing?


You can find our aftercare information here.


What is Downsizing? Do I need to Downsize?


Downsizing is the process of replacing the initial bar you were pierced with to one that is more fitted. We start most piercings off with a little bit of extra length to allow for swelling and healing. As you heal, that length can become uncomfortable, or can cause the angle to shift. We shorten the posts after the initial swelling has gone down to prevent this.

Placements like helix, flat, and conch piercings should be downsized around 4-6 weeks to prevent angle issues. Oral piercings should be downsized to prevent tooth and gum damage. Your aftercare pamphlet will include if you need to downsize, and what the timeline would be. 

General Information

What is needed to access your studio?


We are located at 407 State St, Floor #2 above Golden Eagle Tattoo. We are up one flight of stairs. We are able to accommodate clients who can not come upstairs with a private space in the enclosed first floor entryway.

Please contact us directly to schedule this. 


Can children be in the studio?


Our stance is only minors receiving a piercing service are permitted in the studio. Small children can create many different distractions for our staff members and there not allowed into the procedure area.


What if I have a service animal?


We are happy to accommodate for clients with service animals! You can schedule an appointment online or come in as a walk-in.
However, we do not permit comfort, therapy, and/or emotional support animals into the studio as they are not trained and registered per ADA guidelines. 


Will your tables hold me? 


Yes! We have procedure chairs rated for up to 385 LBS.

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